We are an amateur choir specialising in the polyphony and plainchant of the Roman Catholic church. Our home is the lovely church of Our Lady, in St John’s Wood, London.

Our members come from around the UK and, occasionally, abroad. The choir was founded by Claude Crozet in 1971 and some of the original members still sing with us. Claude’s project was considered quite pioneering during a period of cultural “reform” within the Church and his work has been continued by other conductors within the choir and beyond. In addition to our extensive repertoire of early music, we occasionally venture into the Baroque and beyond, including two orchestral masses a year.

We have been adding new members all along so there is a broad range of ages and we always welcome new singers to keep this great institution thriving. Please read on if you might be interested in singing with us regularly or occasionally. We usually rehearse on Fridays from 19:30 to 21:00 (followed by further profound musical exploration… in the pub). On Sunday morning we rehearse at 9:15 for the 10:30 service. Occasionally we take a Friday off and just wing it on the day. If a singer is not available on a Friday they are encouraged to be on stand-by for Sunday morning if needed. Weekly attendance, though highly valued, is by no means compulsory. The choir has always been flexible, allowing for changes in life and geography. We have a huge collection of masses so music is rarely repeated within 3 years. This means that the members must be able to read music accurately. However, perfect sight reading is not absolutely necessary and a love of the genre is more important than encyclopaedic knowledge. Moderate expenses are paid that would just about cover the bus fare but essentially we’re doing it for the love.

If you would like to join us, please introduce yourself at the end of mass or send a message.